Tips for a Successful Attic Cleanout

The attic is one area in the home that accumulates a lot of junk. Many people find their attic is filled with junk they’ve had so long they don’t even realize what is there themselves. Storing this junk in the attic is risky. Not only can it easily ruin if it is stored for too long in a storage unit, it also risks pests and clutter problems. It is easy to clean out the attic and leave these worries behind. If you want to enjoy a successful attic cleanout, put the tips below to good use.

Make Piles

It is not easy to toss out things that you own but it is sometimes necessary. When doing so, make three piles. One pile should hold items that you want to keep while a secondary pile holds items to sell and a third items that you want to donate or give to friends. If it has been more than one year since you wore it or a long time since it was used, it is time to toss it out.

Take Your Time

Rushing through an attic cleanout is not necessary and doing so will only cause frustration and accidents to happen. Take your time to clean out the attic, even if this means a few days of cleaning is in store.

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Vacuum & Disinfect

Once you begin moving boxes around, you may discover pests have taken up home in the attic. You may need to hire a pest control professional to resolve such problems. Once the pests are gone, make sure you vacuum and disinfect the attic.

Hire a Professional

If you’d rather not get your hands dirty but want the attic cleaned out, why not hire junk removal palo alto specialists? These pros can aid in the cleanout of the attic, ensuring that it is clean without all of the headache and hassle you’d endure if you attempted the job yourself. Costs are reasonable, so don’t miss out on the services.