The Exciting Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring is traditionally the time of the year when people dig deep within their bins, buckets, containers, and closets to clean out the clothing, toys, books, and other junk that’s accumulated in their home. Spring cleaning refreshes the house and clears out clutter that not only causes an unpleasant scenery, but also potential health problems. Who knew that a dirty or cluttered home could result in so many dilemmas?

Many people are unaware that cleaning the home also provides a plethora of additional benefits. Did you know that cleaning the home may serve as a form of exercise? Although nothing replacing a nice session on a treadmill or workout machine, sweatin’ to the oldies while you dust and vacuum can burn a ton of calories. Who knows? By the time the house is clean, you may be shopping for new, smaller clothing pieces!

Additionally, once the home is clean, expect to breathe better and feel better than you have in some time. Improved air quality is something that we all can benefit from. The EPA reports that the indoor air that we breathe is 10x more polluted than outdoor air. When there is less clutter in the house, there is less dust and particles to clog the air and breathing comes easily!

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Be sure to call the trash hauling company tampa fl to schedule an additional pickup during spring cleaning week. The normal one can pick up for the week is unlikely to hold all of the things that you’ll toss out as you clean the home along with your regular trash for the week, so be prepared ahead of time to avoid  any unnecessary headaches. The small fee for an extra service is money well-spent when you enjoy the benefits above and so many others.