How to Decorate Your Wood Burning Stove

Many people still depend on wood burning stoves to heat their home when the winter weather rolls around. Wood burning stoves are much more cost effective than other heating methods and certainly keep the place warm no matter how cool the temperatures outside might drop. However, most people who own the wood burning stoves are none too happy with the appearance of the appliance and want to update the look a bit. You’re in luck because there’s numerous ways this can be done. Once you find a good firewood supplier near me and a nice supply of wood in the home, the next task is decorating your stove.

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Some of the ideas that will help you decorate the stove:

·    Refinish the Stove: Clean the stove and remove any rust or signs of damage from it using a piece of sandpaper. Once complete, purchase a polish to coat over the stove to give it a glossy finish.

·    Polish the Stove: If the stove is in good condition except for a few cosmetic issues, you can simply polish the appliance instead of completely restoring it.

·    Paint: This is a chore that you should complete during the summer when the stove isn’t in use. However, painting the unit can provide a decorative touch to the place that many fireplaces do not have. You can choose the colors as an added bonus.

·    Add a Mantle: A floating mantle is a decorative touch that any home will look good with. It is one of the many types of mantles, but one of the best to install when a wood burning stove is in place.

·    Backsplash: While traditionally considered to be an addition hung on the walls in the kitchen, backsplash is also useful to place behind the stove on the wall to add a nice decorative touch.