Common Problems With the Dishwasher

Most of us have experienced the headache that comes from a dishwasher that doesn’t work the way that it should. All you want is clean dishes, yet the appliance simply refuses to cooperate. Some of the most common issues with the dishwasher are listed below. Most of these issues are repairable by an experienced repair professional so don’t wait to call someone if these problems affect your life in the kitchen.

Water Won’t Drain

Make sure there is nothing blocking the drain before taking any other action when water won’t drain from the dishwasher. Oftentimes this is the only problem and you don’t need a pro to come in to look at the unit. However, there are many other culprits of clogged dishwashers, so you may find it necessary to call in a professional to make a repair.

Dishes Don’t Dry

The dishwasher contains a heating element that can go bad in time. If the dishes aren’t getting dry when the cycle is done, the culprit is very likely this heating element. You only know for certain if you pick up the phone and call a professional for service.

Interior Cracks

Interior cracks are usually the result of old age or heavy use of the appliance and may require a replacement rather than a repair. However, it is ideal to call the professionals to learn the options before tossing the dishwasher out the door. Sometimes the interior cracks can be repaired but you need a professional to evaluate the unit.

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There are several problems that can cause your dishwasher to stop working. The issues above are among the most common reasons that you will need to call a professional for dishwasher repair queen creek az. Don’t delay the call if your appliance isn’t working the way that it should!